Beginning of the year info

All health assessments and immunizations are due! We need this ASAP.

Please pay for your child’s agenda book if you have not done so already. They are $8 this year.

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Math Homework

We will occasionally send home a math worksheet for homework for your child. Always check the agenda book to see if your child has math homework.

Some math concepts to work on at  home:

sorting- your child can sort laundry, silverware, their toys, etc…

rote counting

making sets with objects for a given number

These are easy, fun things for your child to do to help sharpen their math skills.

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Welcome to my blog! I hope you find this page to be informational for you throughout the year. You will be able to look at our class schedule, discipline plan, supply list, and homework. Any upcoming events or changes in the schedule will posted here as well. I am looking forward to a wonderful  2012-2013 year.

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