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Tips for Reading:

“Reading aloud to children is the single most important activity for building knowledge and eventual success.”1


Tips for Reading To and With Your Children

  • Don’t let a day go by without reading to your child.
  • The more animated you are, the more your child will follow the story. Be silly. Use an accent. Have fun!
  • Never stop reading aloud. Even when your child has mastered reading on his/her own, she still benefits from more complex stories and the sound of your voice.
  • Partner read. If your child can read, take turns reading pages or chapters.
  • Read a variety of literature. Take opportunities to get children interested in poetry, biographies and other non-fiction books as well as picture books and chapter books.
  • Read aloud what you loved as a child. Chances are your child will love it too!!











1 Anderson, Richard C. Becoming a Nation fo Readers: The Report of the Commission on Reading, (Center for the Study of Reading: Champaign, IL 1985) p. 23.