The Science Pitt Stop

Mrs. Pittaluga – 8th Grade Science

Week of 9/26/16


  • Regular science – Students worked on a graphic organizer today to show the relationship between the different parts of an atom and then worked through an activity on drawing Bohr diagrams. Homework tonight is Atomic Math Practice.
  • Advanced science – Students finished working through the Bohr practice activity we worked on last week. After coming up with rules for drawing Bohr diagrams, students then had to fill in several on their own. Homework tonight is to watch the two videos on the periodic table. The first video is simply the instructions for the notes and the second video is actually the notes. I did go over how to do the notes in class, but if anyone doesn’t remember, there is a video to explain them as well.


  • Regular science – Today we began talking about the periodic table and how it is organized. Students were given a periodic table for their notebook and a chart to fill in for notes. The periodic table can be found here – Periodic Table for INB and the chart for notes can be found here – Periodic Table Notes. The presentation for the notes can be found here – Periodic Table Notes Presentation.
  • Advanced science – To reinforce their understanding of the periodic table, students began working on an activity today that challenged them to determine how the elements from an alien planet might relate to the known elements from our planet. This activity can be found here – Alien Periodic Table Lab and Alien Periodic Table – Blank.


  • Regular science – Today we finished the notes on the periodic table that were begun yesterday. Tonight’s homework can be found here: Periodic Table Practice.
  • Advanced science – Students were given the opportunity today to finish the alien periodic table lab that was begun yesterday. I also handed out and went over the element trading card project. The directions for this project can be found here: Element Trading Cards Project – Accelerated Science. Students may bring their own device to do research and may listen to music in class if they bring their own headphones.


  • Regular science – Today I introduced the element trading card project and students were able to use the class period to work on their research. The project instructions can be found here – Element Trading Card Project – Regular Science. Each student was given 3 index cards to use on the project. They will also be able to work on this in class on Monday.
  • Advanced science – Students were able to work on their element trading cards today. They will also be able to work on them on Monday. The cards are due on Wednesday, 10/5.


  • Both Classes – We will have a guest speaker today returning from Kids in the Creek to talk about the data that was collected and to discuss how scientists use the data to look at water quality.

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