The Science Pitt Stop

Mrs. Pittaluga – 8th Grade Science

Week of 10/17/16


  • Teacher workday


  • Teacher workday


  • Regular science – Today, students in 1st core had the opportunity to play “catch up” to get work done that they may have missed or may not have completed in their science notebook. Students in 4th core played the counting atoms game. Homework tonight for both classes is to do the EVEN PROBLEMS ONLY on the counting atoms worksheet that was handed out in class.
  • Advanced science – Students finished working through the balancing equations activity that we began on Friday. Scores¬†from last week’s test on the periodic table will be posted on PowerSchool today and we will discuss the test in class tomorrow.


  • Regular science – Today we reviewed counting atoms and then students took a short quiz on counting atoms. There is no homework tonight.
  • Advanced science – Students were given a workday today to catch up parts of their notebook that may be incomplete and to update things like the table of contents and the index. I also returned tests to students today. Any student who scored less than 70% has been given an assignment to complete to bring their grade up to 70%. This must be turned in by Monday. If it is not turned in, the grade in PowerSchool will remain. Tonight’s homework is to watch the video on indicators of a chemical reaction. The link can be found on the right side of the page under Science Videos.


  • Regular science
  • Advanced science

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