The Science Pitt Stop

Mrs. Pittaluga – 8th Grade Science

Week of 10/24/16


  • Regular science
  • Advanced science


  • Regular science
  • Advanced science


  • Regular science – Students were given a pop quiz on the law of conservation of mass today. After the quiz, I did a demonstration of a popular lab called elephant toothpaste.
  • Advanced science – Students worked through the elephant toothpaste lab activity today.


  • Regular science – Students began working on an activity today to review the organelles of cells. The link to the interactive cell online along with the document where they can type in their answers is found on Google Classroom.
  • Advanced science – Students began a webquest today to look at the processes of photosynthesis and respiration. The document for this webquest can be found in Google Classroom.

FRIDAY (Short classes due to reading celebration)

  • Regular science – Students were given time to finish the Cells Alive activity they began yesterday.
  • Advanced science – Students were given time to finish the webquest that they began yesterday.

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