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Mrs. Pittaluga – 8th Grade Science

Week of 11/28/16


  • Regular science – Students were given the class today to finish up the river basins scavenger hunt and associated vocabulary that was worked on before the holiday.
  • Advanced science – Students began looking at and analyzing abiotic water quality indicators today by working through an activity in which they had to graph data collected from the Chesapeake Bay watershed in Virginia. This activity can be found here – Water Quality Indicators – Abiotic Factors (Part 1) and Water Quality Indicators – Abiotic Factors (Part 2).



  • Regular science – Students began working on an activity today in which they had to analyze water quality factors for a fictional river. Students were given a “snapshot” of water quality for a particular date at a location on the river. They then had to get together with students who had the same location that they had, but different dates, and create graphs of the 4 water quality parameters they were analyzing. We will be finishing this activity tomorrow.
  • Advanced science – In class today I went over the two water quality activities that students have worked on the past two days. We then began working through an activity that looks at how water quality relates to issues that arise in a water source. This activity can be found here – No Point To This Pollution – Student.


  • Regular science – Students continued to work on the snapshot of water quality that we began yesterday. Homework tonight is a worksheet to review the 6 main indicators of water quality. I will collect this tomorrow.
  • Advanced science – Today in class we finished working through the Loop Lake story that was begun yesterday. I then discussed the river basins project with students and made a decision to extend the due date to next Friday, December 9. Students will be given class time tomorrow to work on their projects and I will be conferencing with students about the progress on their projects.


  • Regular science
  • Advanced science

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