Homework for the week of May 30

Due Thurs:

Study 5 student projects from our Symbaloo pages.  (You can click on these links if you forget how to log in to your own Symbaloo account.)  Write the name of the person who created the project, the topic of the project, and the link you clicked on (or copied and pasted into a new browser window) to study that topic.  If the links do not work, google the grammar or vocabulary topic to find something to practice.

1st period Symbaloo projects

2nd period Symbaloo projects

4th period Symbaloo projects


Quizlet practice – For fun and studying for the final exam!  (MANY TOPICS ARE COVERED IN THIS FOLDER!)


Practice activities to do after you have made a Symbaloo account for yourself.

Vocabulary on a WIDE variety of topics at conjuguemos.com  Pick a topic and do graded practice, crossword game, splatman, memory, or wordsearch.

Grammar and vocabulary games on 123 Teach Me.  Pick a game, then a grammar topic to play.  Look at your list of Spanish 2 topics for the Symbaloo project to help find relevant grammar activities.

Question words

Present tense regular verbs  with pictures or regular verbs without pictures

Estar phrases with location, emotion

Stem changers (vocab)

Near Future tense (ir + a + infinitive)

Acabar de (Recent Past)

Prepositions of Place

Time phrases (yesterday, last night, etc.)

Gustar, encantar

Present Progressive tense

Saber or Conocer

Reflexives and Daily Routines

Household chores vocab game

Homework for the week of Apr. 24

Due Weds:

Review how to conjugate preterite tense regular verbs.  http://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/pret1

Do the Verb Drill on regular preterite tense verbs.  Choose 20 questions, NO vosotros.  Do it as many times as you want until you get a score you are happy with. YOU MUST TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR FINAL SCORE – it will not show up on my teacher screen even if you are logged in.

Due Fri:

Review the lesson on Tricky 13 verbs. http://studyspanish.com/grammar/lessons/pret6

Do the studyspanish quiz on Tricky 13 verbs.    If you are logged in, it should record your score for me.

Homework for the week of Apr. 17

Due Weds:

Quizlet matching on Hobbies and passtimes verb vocabulary.  Get 20 seconds or under.

If you made an account, or want to make a quizlet account you can use the following links for this homework.  Use your class period link and do the Hobbies and Passtimes matching game:       1st period,    2nd period,    4th period

Due Fri:

Verb sheet using all tenses so far.  The verbs are: aprender, recibir, ir (irreg), dar (irreg)