Tarea para la semana 12 de diciembre

Para viernes:  – TWO THINGS (Dos cosas)

  1.  Read through the lesson on Imperfect tense.   Do the Basic quiz on Imperfect I.  MAKE SURE YOU ARE LOGGED IN.  If you log in after you have completed the basic quiz, you MUST click “SUBMIT MY ANSWERS” at the bottom of the screen or I will not receive your results.

2.  Read through the lesson on Preterite vs. Imperfect.   Do the Basic quiz on Preterite vs. Imperfect I.




Tarea para la semana 13 de noviembre

Due Weds:  TWO assignments:

  1. Read through the lesson on Informal Commands. (#91)  Make sure you are logged into your studyspanish.com account.  Do the basic quiz on Informal Commands.
  2. Read through the lesson on Irregular commands. (#92)  Make sure you are logged into your studyspanish.com account.  Do the basic quiz on Irregular commands.

Written quiz on Commands (Imperative tense) Weds.

Due Fri:

Tener idioms review on Quizlet.  Do the Learn activity until you get 100%.  Listen to the answers too by clicking on the speaker icon when it gives you the correct answer.  HINT:  If your Learn session has type-in written answers, click on the Customize Your Session button at the top right.  Remove the checkmark by the “Written answers” option.

Tarea para la semana 30 de octubre

Your homework for Wed. is to STUDY for the midterm that is on THURSDAY!  Do TWO  practice links from the bottom of this page.  Take screenshots.

Topics covered on the midterm:

Vocabulary topics:

Family members, feelings, weather, sports, passtimes/hobbies, sports, occupations, daily routine items, chores, rooms, furniture, possessive adjectives, prepositions of place

Verbs topics:

present tense, ser vs. estar, present progressive, near future (ir + a+ infinitive), recent past (acabar de + infinitive),
gustar and other “backwards verbs”, reflexives, stem changers, tener, saber vs. conocer

Review your notes, your quizzes, and your homework assignments.

Review topic links:  HOMEWORK: Do TWO and take screenshots. You must be able to tell me WHICH review topic each screenshot is from.    or

Present tense regular verbs  with pictures or regular verbs without pictures

Question words

Estar phrases with location, emotion

Stem changers (vocab)

Near Future tense (ir + a + infinitive)  OR studyspanish.com Near Future quiz

Acabar de (Recent Past)

Prepositions of Place

Time phrases (yesterday, last night, etc.)

Gustar, encantar   or studyspanish Verbs Like Gustar

Present Progressive tense  or studyspanish Present Progressive

Saber or Conocer

Reflexives and Daily Routines or studyspanish Reflexives 

Household chores vocab game

Furniture (Draw a house and label 15 things) Turn in this paper.  (No screenshot necessary)

Due Fri:

Quizlet on Food.  Do Learn Test, Writing, or Spelling until you get to 100%, or Matching game under 20 seconds,


Tarea para la semana de 9 de octubre (Homework for week of 10-9-17)

Due Weds:

Make sure you are LOGGED IN to your studyspanish.com account.   Read through the lesson on Saber vs. Conocer and Pedir vs. Preguntar. Do the Basic Quiz on this lesson.

Quiz on saber, conocer, prepositions of place, tener que, Quiero…

Due Thurs.:

Make sure you are LOGGED IN to your studyspanish.com account.  Read through the lesson on Reflexive Verbs I.  Do the Basic Quiz on this lesson.


Tarea para la semana 2 de octubre (Homework for week of Oct. 2, 2017)

Due Weds:

Read through the lesson on Present Progressive tense here OR. here. Play the FROG game until you get at least 100 points.  Take a screenshot or picture of the computer screen with your phone to show me your score.

Due Fri:

Write 10 sentences in present progressive tense.  Draw a doodle to show what each sentence means.

Example:  Los alumnos están estudiando.  Image result for high school students studying