Haywood Community College Career and College Promise

If you will be a THS junior you may qualify for opportunities to take courses at HCC (or online at THS).  Courses can be career technical (like Automotive Repair, Criminal Justice, or Early Childhood Education) or academic College Transfer (like Psychology 150 or English 111) or continuing education / job specific (like Firefighter, EMT, or Pharmacy Tech).

You can learn more by viewing these videos (March 2021):

CCP College Transfer Pathways Open House Recording: https://use.vg/FCMAoR

CCP Career Technical Education Open House Recording: https://use.vg/8aj7yZ

CCP Workforce Continuing Education Recording: https://use.vg/vUKMRl


If you are interested in taking college courses while in high school, please be aware that there are, of course, eligibility requirements to make sure you are ready for the responsibility of being a college student.  You will be starting an actual college transcript and the grades you earn will be final!

Please see your counselor if you are interested in learning more about the Career and College Promise Initiative and the THS application process.