Health & Wellness

We hope you will find some helpful information in these resources, but please keep in mind that NOTHING online can replace TALKING WITH A TRUSTED ADULT.   



Taking Care of Yourself:     


Coping Strategies (for Adolescents) : ]


Problem Solving Strategies:

Information for parents and students identifying appropriate (and inappropriate!) problem-solving strategies.


FACTS about drugs, alcohol, and vaping:


Managing negative thoughts:



Five Tips to Help You Practice Self-Love

Five Tips to Help Teens Cope with Stress

How You Can Help A Friend in Crisis


Videos on mindfulness, relaxation, and stress management:  (3 min) into to mindfulness        (2 min) Belly Breathe  (4 min) Breathing (4 min) Stress management specific to COVID  (2 min) Social distancing / loneliness (2 min) Managing negative thoughts  (3 min) Sleep  (2 min) Meditation for beginners  The 4 Ms of Mental Health







Do You Want Children Who Are Smarter and Have Superior Social Skills? Science Says Do This


National Alliance on Mental Illness Covid-19 resource and information guide:


Mindfulness for educators:


Child Trauma:


Trauma Toolkit for Educators:     


Resilience guide for parents & Teachers – American Psychological Association:   


Building resilience (Great info for PARENTS): 


“Building your resilience” (article on the American Psychological Association):