Keep it up, Juniors!


Talk  with your school counselor to make sure you are meeting high school graduation  (and minimum college admissions) REQUIREMENTS.

Maintain your grades, attendance, and discipline during your junior year.

Make sure you are taking any required prerequisites for classes you hope to take as a senior (and for any specific college programs of interest).

Make sure you are challenging yourself academically.

Now is the time to focus on CAREER research.

Online career assessments are available at (User name/ password required: If you need help, please see your counselor!)

Talk with family, friends, and other adults about their careers and the preparation required for them.

Take courses in high school that expose you to different careers.

Colleges do consider extracurricular involvement:  Take a look at your work experience, clubs/activities (school or community), and volunteer service.  Are you an active participant in something that indicates leadership and/or teamwork, time management skills, responsibility, and exploration of your career interests?  (How will you “stand out” on a college or scholarship application?)

Take advantage of weekend or summer programs, workshops, or camps that highlight your specific interests and goals.  Check out our website and Google classroom for current information!

Now is the time to focus on COLLEGE exploration.  We expect that you know to which colleges you plan to apply when you return as a senior in August:  Deadlines vary–but start as early as October.

Research colleges (and scholarships) free online at reputable websites like ,,,  and Be sure to write down and keep your username and password.  (BEWARE of any website that requires you to pay for services.)

Make plans to visit campuses during school breaks, summer vacation, or at college “Open House” weekends.

Talk with family and friends about their educational choices.

If you are going to a 4-year institution, you will need to take the ACT.

If you are hoping to play sports at the college level, you should register online with the NCAA (over 1300 organizations) at or the NAIA (nearly 300 members) at in the spring of your junior year. You must certify your eligibility status (including grades and  ACT / SAT). There will be a fee.

Look at college websites or come by our office to compare admissions requirements, majors offered, and costs!