Nearly there, Seniors!


College (or Scholarship or Employment) Application Checklist:

Create your account at Most NC colleges’ and universities’ online applications are accessed through this website, so you need to create and remember a user name and password; you can also send your transcript through CFNC when you submit your application.

(This website has many other GREAT resources, including information about scholarships specific to NC students.)

To be eligible for in-state tuition and grants, at any NC college/university, students MUST apply for a Residency Determination Number (RDN) at

Application (usually online):  Proofread, professional, and neat!

Transcript: You may submit within CFNC (or your counselor will be asked to submit within Common App).  Otherwise, request your transcript to sent by mail at

Letter(s) of reference (sometimes):  Be sure to give at least two weeks notice; provide a stamped / addressed envelope and deadline.  You may wish to offer a “resume” about yourself to help in writing the best possible letter, and you will probably want to send a thank you card.  Choose someone who knows you well and can say good things about you!  Ask them to save a copy in case you need another later this year. (And do ask—don’t just send a link!)

Counselor Statement (sometimes):  May be a form or a link by email.  Let us know to be expecting it.

Essay (sometimes):  Please avoid a LIST of everything you do.  Instead, you may want to use this opportunity to tell why ONE thing you do is unique and meaningful.  This is your best chance to show  how YOU stand out…and that you can write well.  PLEASE PROOFREAD!  Type or write neatly in black ink.

Application Fee (4-Year Colleges/Universities):  See your counselor if you think you may qualify for a fee waiver.

Interview (sometimes):  See Mr. Johnson or your counselor for some tips/hints OR if you want to set up a practice.

If you are applying to a 4-year school, we encourage you to submit ALL application materials no later than Thanksgiving in order to meet deadlines (which vary by school). Check the college website to be sure! 

If you are applying to a 2-year school, you will probably be able to apply as late as 2nd semester, but SOME programs (such as allied health) that are  most competitive, do have fall deadlines.  No application fee is required  at NC community colleges.

Tests:  Many 4 year schools (all public universities in NC) are “test optional” this year due to COVID restrictions, but some scholarships are still considering ACT/ SAT.

You may register for the ACT and/ or SAT (as well as find test locations and  dates, registration deadlines, cost, test prep and more) AND request score reports for colleges at and  FREE study tips are available for both tests on;  Free study tips for the SAT are also available at   See your counselor if you think you may qualify for a fee waiver.

College Athletics:



If you are an athlete hoping to play a sport at college, you MUST register your eligibility in order to communicate with college coaches!


Employability / Career Resources available at: and  THS Career Research Video

Interested in the Military?  Ask your counselor for contact information for our local Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard, or Army National Guard recruiters!


Scholarships come from either the college/university OR from outside agencies.

Check the college website to make sure you understand how to qualify/apply for school scholarships!

The Counseling Center website lists scholarships sponsored by outside agencies that we have been asked to advertise!  Some ask that you apply online; others ask that you pick up an application from our office.  Make sure you follow all directions, complete neatly in black ink OR type, include all required materials, and meet the  submission OR postmark deadline!

Check with your church, parents’ place of employment, civic organizations, etc. for possible scholarships.

You may choose to create an account online with a SAFE and REPUTABLE search agency, such as.

Be very cautious with scholarship “scams.”  We warn students to NOT pay for scholarship search assistance and to not  provide private information to any online agency.  However, the above online services do not ask for payment and might be able to connect you with potential scholarships based on the questionnaire you are asked to complete.

You can also check out the THS Scholarship Planning Sheet available online.

FAFSA – Free Application for Federal Student Aid – This is the official website for completing your FAFSA.  The FAFSA is a FREE document, so any agency that asks you to PAY to have your FAFSA completed should raise questions.

To be considered for ANY financial aid, you must submit a  FAFSA, which opens for school year 2020-21 on October 1 and uses your tax forms from two years ago. You can download your tax information directly from the IRS.  You and your parent/ guardian must apply for your FSA ID , which you will need to keep and use the entire time you are in college.

HCC has asked us to tell any student who thinks s/he may need help completing the FAFSA to call and make an appointment with their office (even if you are not planning to attend HCC.)  Questions- HCC Financial Aid Office:  627-4756.