Welcome, Freshmen!


3 Tips to Help Your Teen Transition to High School

Seven ways to prepare for middle and high school transitions


What should I be doing in 9th grade?

Come to school every day and on time: Participate in Google Meets, monitor your work completion in Google Classroom / PowerSchool, and ASK FOR HELP if needed.

Make progress toward graduation: You must earn 6 credits including English I and at least one other core academic course to promote to 10th grade!

Keep a clean discipline record. Many colleges and employees ask the school very specific questions about student behavior in high school.

Build your resume. Get involved in meaningful extracurricular activities at school and in the community.

Think about career and / or college goals: Make / update your account at cfnc.org.

Consider your personal growth: Think about your values, positive personal relationships with peers and adults, and your health.



Begin with and maintain a good grade-point average (GPA).

Each A earns 4 points, Bs 3 points, Cs 2 points, Ds 1 point, and Fs earn no points.

Honors / Advanced (weighted an additional ½ point)

Advanced Placement or HCC College Transfer courses (weighted an additional 1 point)

Add all “quality points” and divide by the number of classes.