Test Prep




All students in North Carolina will take the ACT for FREE the spring of their junior year.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to get a free college admissions test.  Great study resources are available at the ACT’s website, including a free study guide, Question of the Day, and free online practice tests. All sophomores will also be provided (free!) a practice ACT in the fall:  They will get the test back, their answers, and the correct answers.  What a great way to see which sections you need to study before the real thing!




Students must register online at the College Board if they wish to take the SAT, a different test designed by a different company also used by colleges and scholarship agencies for admissions and scholarship decisions.  While an applicant typically does not have to take both the SAT and ACT, some students like to try both; colleges will look at either, and some students prefer one test over the other.  The College Board offers a plethora of study resources, including a free agreement with the Khan Academy, a daily practice app, and free online practice tests.  Students are encouraged to sign up (in the THS Counseling Center) for the PSAT, offered only once each year, for an SAT practice test which provides feedback online as well as the student’s answers and the correct answers for their review.  Juniors who take the PSAT can also be considered for scholarships through the National Merit Scholarship Corporation.


Free Test Prep at the College Foundation of North Carolina Website.  You must create a student account: