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Book Interviews

Book Title?


  1. Scan through my previous post.  Find one you really like. Write 2-sentences explaining why you like it.

  2. What was the climax of  the story?

  3.  What was the resolution of the story?

  4.  Pick a conflict in the story to analyze: man vs. man, man vs nature, man vs society, man vs self

  5. Write a 40 word review of your book.

The past 2 days

How did things go these past two days?  What did you like and dislike about class on Tuesday & Wednesday. If you took a test during these two days, what was that like? Write at least 50 words

Comprehension Practice

I. Open the following links & answer the questions:

  1. Mac Donald’s: a hundred billion hamburgers sold.

  2. Youth Crime.

  3. http://www.laflemm.com/dynamic/online_fill_in.php?practice_id=25

  4. http://www.laflemm.com/dynamic/online_practice.php?practice_id=27

  5. http://www.laflemm.com/RfT/Practice/RfTPracticeInf1.html

“Yay School”

It’s almost been a full week of school.  How does it feel?  What are your expectations for this year?


If a new student asked you to explain READ180, what would you say?  40 word minimum

  1. Talk about the READ180  activities.
  2. Describe the things that you liked & disliked.

READ180 ideas

Read & answer the questions below. Write at least 25 words per question. Be HONEST!!

  1. What did you learn this week?

  2. What did you not like doing in class this week?

Short Passages

I. Open the following links & answer the questions:

  1. Mac Donald’s: a hundred billion hamburgers sold.

  2. Youth Crime.

II. Pick a Brain Games, then post it on a new search engine:

  1. http://www.knowledgeadventure.com/games/scene-memory.aspx
  2. http://www.knowledgeadventure.com/games/hangman.aspx
  3. http://www.knowledgeadventure.com/games/jigsaw-puzzle.aspx


Please read the directions carefully.

  1. Copy & paste the following link to Google search:

  2. http://fcit.usf.edu/fcat8r/home/wayward-bears/multiple-choice/question-1.html

  3. Look for this title under the Google search: Multiple Choice Questions.

  4. Read the selection and answer the questions.

Reading Practice

Click on the following sites & follow directions:

  1. http://www.laflemm.com/dynamic/online_fill_in.php?practice_id=25
  2. http://www.laflemm.com/dynamic/online_practice.php?practice_id=27
  3. http://www.laflemm.com/dynamic/online_practice.php?practice_id=24
  4. http://www.laflemm.com/RfT/Practice/RfTPracticeInf1.html

    Winter Olympics

    Alpine Skiing     Biathlon    Bobsleigh    Cross-country skiing    Curling    Figure Skating    Freestyle skiing

    Ice Hockey    Luge    Nordic Combined    Short track speed skating    Skeleton    Ski jumping    Snowboarding

    Speed Skating

    1. Go to: http://www.olympic.org/vancouver-2010-winter-olympics

    2. Scroll down to 25 Videos

    3. Find a video that matches one of the events listed above

    4. Pick out your favorite event

    5. Write 30 words describing why you like this event

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