Water Quality Curriculum

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We would like to thank all the teachers and students who contributed feedback about how much they have done and learned through the Water Quality Curriculum program and HEI sponsored events.  Your comments are both inspiring and proof that what we do makes a difference as well as educates people about the importance of our planet’s water.  We hope to be able to continue these programs and events next year.

Enviroscape in Action!

We have promoted and encouraged the use of the ENVIROSCAPE Model through scheduling Nancy to come to your classroom or for you as teachers to check it out.  It is a GREAT resource and students really get involved, pay attention, and, most importantly, learn about how we as humans impact the environment.  If you are interested, please contact Nancy Pryor, Water Quality Curriculum Coordinator.

Student Water Testing in Action!

Students from across Haywood County continue to test water several times per month to collect data and study trends from the various water sources near their schools that they monitor.

Another Resource for Teachers

ONE DROP website

As quoted from ePals Global Community:

“We are pleased to welcome our newest partner, ONE DROP, an initiative of Guy Laliberté of Cirque de Soleil that focuses on water-related issues worldwide.  Of particular note, ONE DROP develops access-to-water and sanitation projects in countries where access to this vital resource is lacking.  ONE DROP joins with ePals to raise awareness of water issues among teachers, students and parents worldwide and invites the entire ePals Global Community to commit to the cause of water for all, today and tomorrow!”

Awesome Website: discoverwater.org


This is an awesome website that focuses on water and it role on the Earth.  There are a lot of great activities and resources to try out and use.  Let us know what you like best!

Upcoming HEI meeting

Please remember that the Haywood Environmental Initiative (HEI) will be having its monthly meeting on Tuesday, January 17, 2012, at 3:30PM.  It will be in the conference room on the 3rd floor at the Central Office.  All teachers and other interested parties are welcome to attend.  Please let us know if you have never been and would like to attend.

Check out this GREAT website: PROJECT WET

Another great website to check out is Project WET. Teachers, especially 5th grade, need to see all the wonderful resources available.  If you find something good, let us know…or better yet, make a comment right below!

Educate. Empower. Act. The mission of Project WET is to reach children,
parents, educators and communities of the world with water education.
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TEACHERS: Enviroscape Model & Lesson

Happy new year! We know you’ve got a thousand things on your minds right now, but we wanted to remind you about the Enviroscape lesson that we will be glad to come to your classes and teach. It basically covers source and non source pollution as well as estuaries and environmental changes due to pollution. The lesson takes about 50 minutes and we need about 10 minutes in between classes to clean up the model and set up for the next class. We know it’s hard to fit into your schedules so if we need to come back to your school more than one day to get to all the classes , we’ll be glad to do that. Also, the model is available for check out with the lesson and I’ll be glad to bring it to you if you’d like to teach it yourself. Just let us know.


Teachers – As you use the website and its many links, please contact us if you come across a link that no longer works.  We will do our best to locate it, and then restore it.  If not, then the link will be removed.  Thank you for your help!

Water Testing Continues

Even though we do not always highlight this, it is important to note that the 5th graders around the county continue to test water sources weekly and collect date, with several schools really dedicating themselves to this educational, and definitely safety first.  Pictures of this will soon be coming