Dear Class of 2024,

Welcome to our Scholarship Page!

Our Scholarship spreadsheet is updated weekly with any opportunities the PHS Counselors are made aware of.  Please reach out to your school counselor if you have specific questions!  Click below to view local, state and national scholarship opportunities!

Scholarship Spreadsheet


Other helpful tips on how to stay informed about scholarships during your senior year:

1.Please check your student email daily, as important time-sensitive content will be added on a regular basis.

2.Live Google Spreadsheet with opportunities updated as our PHS counseling office receives  information: Scholarship Spreadsheet 

3. Class of 2024 Google Classroom:  All seniors are encouraged to join from their Haywood County Schools Account.  Classroom code: 43x44xp

4.  Going Merry scholarship database can connect students to national scholarships that meet their specific needs and is updated by Go Merry: HERE


Helpful tips for completing scholarship applications:

Please take note of all deadlines. Some applications require that a counselor attach information to the completed student application, therefore, we may set deadlines a week or so before the actual deadline so that we have time to complete OUR part and meet the actual application date.

Please take note of HOW you turn in your application. Do you return the application to the counseling center?  Or do you mail your application directly to the agency or organization?  (If you are responsible for mailing your application, make sure you put everything in the mail a few days BEFORE THE DEADLINE.)

Please follow all directions and include everything that is required. Note whether you should type or print neatly in blue/black ink.  Does the application require an essay or a separate list of honors or activities?

Are you asked to send letters or reference from an adult–either from the school or your community–who knows how qualified you are?  If letters of reference are required, please give these adults as much notice as you can (two weeks is great!).  Provide an envelope for them–with your name on the front if you are to pick it up and return it to the counseling center or mail with your application packet OR with the mailing address and stamp if they are to send it directly to the sponsoring agency/organization.  Please take time to write them a brief thank you note for their time and assistance.  You should also ask them if they would be willing to save their work:  You might need to ask them for a reference again later, and they have already put a great deal of time and thought into your application process!

PLEASE PROOFREAD! We encourage students to photocopy the application, complete everything in pencil, and carefully reread and edit BEFORE completing the final application.  Yes, spelling and grammar count in real life!

Please be aware that there are really two kinds of scholarship sources:  the college/university and outside agencies/groups.  While we announce all the scholarships that we are aware of, there are MANY others that we may not even know about!  Please take time to contact the school you are hoping to attend and ask what their process if for scholarships.  Some schools have an application for EACH scholarship they offer. . . Many others have one application that allows applicants consideration for ALL scholarships they offer. . .While others use your application for admissions as an application for any scholarships they offer as well!

There are MANY scholarships at each college/university;  PLEASE contact the institution’s office of financial aid or check out their website for more specific information.   Again, follow closely all directions–especially deadlines.  Some schools will have a special application for all scholarships; others will have a separate application for each scholarship; others will look at EVERY application for admission as the scholarship application and consequently not require an additional application for financial aid.

MOST schools do require that you complete the FAFSA in January to be considered for any need-based aid.  (SOME will require that you complete a CSS Profile as well. Just check with their office of financial aid.)